Aqua Marina Sup Mega 18’1″

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This is what you need when you want to have loads of fun with your friends on a standup paddle board. Our MEGA allows you to paddle with up to 7 friends on one giant board. It’s been tested in the toughest circumstances and can be used for super fun surf or on flat water and river tours.

Key features

  • Stiff and stable in all water conditions
  • Newly designed nose rocker for better maneuverability
  • Integrated cargo D-rings with easy-adjustable bungee cord to attach luggage
  • 13 heavy-duty neoprene carry handles for easy transport and holding on
  • Could be easily rolled up and stored in the specially designed extra-large bag


LENGTH 18’1″ / 550cm

WIDTH 60″ / 152cm

THICKNESS 8″ / 20cm


NET WEIGHT 60.6lbs / 27.5kg

MAX. PAYLOAD 1433 lbs / 650kg



Zip backpack

2 Double action pumps Liquid air v1

5 Slide in center fins

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