Aqua Marina Sup Vapor 10’4’’

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The new VAPOR features more generous volume and payload that cater to those looking for easier ride and carrying more luggage. The comfortable sand-ripple grooving footpad provides extra grip while the strengthened stainless steel leash D-ring ensures a safe ride in small waves.

Constructed with Aqua Marina’s exclusive Drop Stitch Light Technology, the VAPOR is lightweight but super stiff.

Rounded Square Tail (better stability)

Built in Pattern (eco friendly)

Sand ripple Grooving (more comfortable)

Red Strap ™ Bungee System (better elasticity) 2 pair System (to tighten more luggage)

One piece Rubber Patch for Valve and Leash D ring (more airtightness & with user friendly valve instructions

RPET Zip CIRCUPACK™ (eco friendly) made from 100% plastic waste

Backpack Added Waterproof ACC Pocket Zip (more convenient) Handle pump New Design with a Red Piston

Paddle New Design with a Red Shaft

Drop Stitch Light Technology

Quality construction, portable packing and durable yet affordable solution.
Double Wall Fabric drop stitch core
Light and printed tarpaulin layer
First PVC rail layer
Second PVC rail layer
EVA footpad


LENGTH 10’4″ / 315cm

WIDTH 31″ / 79cm

THICKNESS 6″ / 15cm


NET WEIGHT 18,1lbs / 8,2kg

MAX. PAYLOAD 308 lbs / 140kg



Sports iii paddle
Zip backpack
Double action pump Liquid air v1
Slide in center fin
Safety leash

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