Aqua Marina Sup Race 14’0”

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The new Aqua Marina RACE 14’0” in width of 27”, gives enough stability to be in control when conditions get choppy, but fast and slippery to cover distances quickly.
With our new Quadruple Stringer Technology, combined with lightweight Double Layer Technology, this board is much stiffer yet lighter. You would be astonished at his outstanding rigidity.

The combination of speed, stability and floatation is so impressive for such narrow board. The tool-free slide-in Racing Fin and upgraded heavy-duty coil leash make the new RACE a ready-to-race package.

Drop Stitch Light Technology

Premium construction used in racing line for 25-30% increase in stiffness
Double Wall Fabric drop stitch core
First tarpaulin layer
Second light and printed tarpaulin layer
First PVC rail layer
Second PVC rail layer
Extra rail-band reinforcement
Quadruple compression stringers
EVA footpad


LENGTH 14’0″ / 427cm
WIDTH 27″ / 69cm
THICKNESS 6″ / 15cm
NET WEIGHT 26.5lbs / 12kg
MAX. PAYLOAD 352lbs / 160kg


Zip backpack
Double action pump Liquid air v2
Slide in center racing fin
Safety leash

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